Friday, October 17, 2008

Dental Care Day

Click on the Images Below to read all about Bwerenga Hope Village - Dental Care Day!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Security Wall is Done!

The Wall Is Going Up! We are excited to see the first phase under way at Hope Village. Construction on the Medical Clinic and on the Orphan Homes can not begin without a strong security wall to protect materials from getting stolen and those people living there. Click on the image below to see our brand new security wall!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Community Festival

Hope Village Property is located 30 kilometers outside of the city. On the drive there, you pass village after village of people without jobs, without health care, without hope. Our goal is to reach out to these villages. Click on the image below to read our Newsletter about our Community Festival
Community Outreach Day

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

2008 Leadership Conference

Click on the Two Images Below to read our most recent Newsletter about the 700 Pastors that attended out 2008 Leadership Conference

Friday, November 9, 2007

The Faces of Bwerenga

Bwerenga is the African name of the property where Hope Village will be built. There are some amazing people that have served this area for years, that we would like to introduce you too!

Mange Family

Pastors Ernest and Catherine Mange have been the Senior Pastors of Bwerenga’s church since 1997 when Pastors Wilfred and Deborah left to pastor Reaching Unto Nations Bible Church near Kampala. Pastor Ernest is well respected for his Bible knowledge and love for God’s church, and Pastor Catherine is an incredible intercessor. She leads weekly fasting and intercessor groups. The success and progress, our ministry has experienced has been due, to these faithful prayer partners, in this church.

With true shepherd’s hearts, Ernest and Catherine have adopted all seven of their girls; two of which are physically

Annette Mwagi, Aaron Kyeyune and Zituni.

All these children belong to families that work and live on Hope Village property. These two older girls were not in school when we arrived due to the lack of finances for school fees. However, now they both are sponsored by Faith Mason and are back in school continuing their education!

Farridah (8 years), Mariam – (22 years), Mukisah – (10 years) and Eunice Mwangi (3 years). All four of these girls were not in school prior to our arrival. Farridah and Mukisa did the hand washing of the laundry and Mariam works in the garden tending to the vegetation and plantation that provides food for the RUN Bible Institute and MFEA conferences. Thanks to Teresa Walsh, WA for sponsoring Mariam to go to a trade school, Judy Aschenbrener, WA for sponsoring Mukisa’s school fees, Farridah and Eunice’s school fees are paid by Faith Mason; thanks Faith!

Jajja Florence

Jajja Florence is our resident grandmother (and Grandmother to Pastor Sharon Wagar). Left for dead by her family in a hospital, God revived her after 3 months in a coma. Meanwhile, her family sold her personal belongings, along with her home and she found herself with nothing and no one to take her in. RUN Ministries has provided her a home since 1996 and she is the most faithful praying saint.

John Magala

Uncle John is one of our loyal ministry teammates. Since 1965, Uncle John has served in R.U.N.’s ministry in many capacities. He started his service as the assistant to our ministry founders, Pastors Lew and Marion Peterson. His loyalty displayed itself even in the naming of his children, Marion and Peter. As a widower, he’s raised his children in our ministry and they are strongly serving the Lord and the ministry.

Jessica Nalukenge

Jessica is one of six certified teachers at our primary school. As our 3th grade teacher, Jessica has been a part of RUN Ministries 8 years now. She is faithful to her ministry of teaching, as there are many months she goes without pay.


Harriet has been apart of RUN Bible Church since 1998 as our 5th grade teacher. Harriet also manages the financial books for the primary school. It is common in Africa for compensation to include housing. Our Hope Village teachers are amazing women who are truly on the front lines of the community.

Kyeyune Family

Boaz, Faith and Baby Aaron Kyeyune. Both Boaz and Faith serve full time in R.U.N. ministries; Boaz as Pastor Wilfred’s personal assistant and Faith as the Kindergarten teacher at our school. Faith is a sought out teacher in the surrounding community, but she serves faithfully in our school, despite months without compensation. Faith also serves as the English teacher for adult education in our Bwerenga Church ESL program on Wednesday nights.

Livingston Kaumeme

Brother Livingston is a sweet man with the heart and mind of a child. Left behind by family due to his mental handicap, Pastors Ernest and Catherine have provided work for him through R.U.N. ministries. Livingston is faithful to our youth group and is instrumental to grounds maintenance of the twenty acres. Livingston has a big crown waiting for him in heaven!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Hope Village Promo DVD

Hope Village's First Promo DVD - Watch it Here!!

At 3:30 minutes it is the perfect length for churches and other organizations that just want a quick look into Africa and Hope Village's Vision to help.

Feel free to contact us by email to order your own free copy!